Elettrosonda Q


Product Code: M-QXX-XXX

Manufacturer: MAC3

Datasheet:Elettrosonda Q

Elettrosonda Q

Electroprobe at high, low and variable sensitivity   for DIN rail

The electroprobes of the Q, series, produced by MAC 3, are regulators of conductive fluid suitable for the minumum and maximum level control of deep well, tanks, cisterns etc.The operating principle is based on the detection, on the part of the control box, of the fluid resistance the level being controlled by means of special probes immersed in the liquid with the longest acting as a common element.When the level of the liquid inside the container or the well wets all three probes a relay is activated and subsequently deactivated only when the level descends, uncovering the lower probe.

Models NS (the best for waters)


In the case of wells with a diameter max of 100 mm the NS model probes should be positioned in such a way that there is not more than mt 2,0 between the lowest and the highest (sufficient to protect the pump). For wells with a larger diameter,the probes can be set at a greater distance there are no limits for tanks. To conclude, liquids with a total resistance of 5,6 Kohm max can be well controlled. The control box can be placed at a distance of up to 1,000 mt, from the probes.


Models AS 

To control liquids with low conductivity, e.g. rainwater.These models permit liquids with a very high total resistance up to 70 Kohm to be controlled. 


Models SR 

For the control of conductive liquids with unknown conductivity this model is essential which controls up to 100 ohms