Product Code: MAC3

Manufacturer: MAC3

Datasheet: MAC3 MPM3


Pressure switches for autoclaves

MacPress is the Mac3 range of Pressure Switches .Pressure Switches automatically control the START and STOP of electro pump under the pressure setpoint and its differential. The factory setting of pressure can be modified through the internal system of regulation.

At the minimum setting pressure value, the electric contacts close and start the electro pump. At the maximum setting pressure value, the electric contacts open and stop the electro pump.

Install MacPress directly on the pipeline through an attack female 1/4".


Pressure Gauges

Available pressure gauges, scale 1-10 bar, with bottom connection of 1/4”


Brass fitting 5 ways

Available connector 5 ways with following technical features:

- length 90 mm


- fitting 1” and 1/4”